Spreadsheet risk eliminated

Register, scan and secure your business-critical spreadsheets to eliminate operational and business risk

EUCplus is a customisable, cloud-based application which registers, scans and secures all spreadsheets, databases and end-user computing tools in one simple process.


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What it does

EUCplus gives you visibility and control

Simple, intuitive and customisable

  1. one simple, intuitive cloud-based process to register, scan, secure and log business-critical end-using computing tools
  2. easy to configure, update and manage, and can be used by all-levels in your organisation
  3. simplifies employee handovers, aids regulatory compliance and cuts costs

Reduces operational risk

  1. identifies irregular data and allows it to be removed or corrected
  2. prevents further opportunities for accidental changes
  3. provides an accurate and impenetrable log for compliance purposes
  4. helps remove duplication, cut costs and manage spreadsheets and databases
  5. fully encrypts your business sensitive data, based on Microsoft Azure

Provides a detailed view of business-critical information

  1. automated reporting from the customisable data model
  2. drives better business, IT and architectural decisions
  3. enables robotic process automation and business process outsourcing

Improves your overall architecture

  1. aids understanding of the data flows across your organisation
  2. removes duplication in application and purpose
  3. facilitates informed decisions about future IT landscape

How it works

EUCplus is an efficient, simple-to-use and customisable tool, which gives evidence of control over your business-critical applications and in turn helps avoid fines and maintain your first-class reputation.

Register, Scan and Secure

  • one simple intuitive process to register, scan, secure and log business critical applications
  • identifies irregular data and allows it to be removed or corrected
  • prevents further opportunities for mistakes, tampering or cross-contamination

1. Register

Drag and drop all relevant files and assign customisable criticality

2. Categorise

Collate metadata from the file and enrich with user input

3. Scan & Secure

Scan through uploaded files, secure with passwords and flag those that require investigating. Fully customisable as to what is scanned and secured

4. Log

Provide a living history of all versions with notes and differences

5. Validate

Download and validate post securing


Case study

We partnered with a leading global bank to develop and implement a regulatory compliant, centralised repository of critical end-user developed applications. This enabled opportunities for reduced risk, cost reduction and improvement to overall IT architecture.

Client challenge

  1. Excessive reliance on end-user developed applications, with limited process and associated documentation
  2. Minimal governance and control over tool development and management
  3. Calculation errors and the possibility of regulatory fines

Brickendon solution

  1. Delivered a version of EUCplus to automate the process of scanning, securing and uploading to a secure centralised database
  2. Managed the ongoing support framework with defined metadata captured for each end-user developed application
  3. Began with a pilot in one location and then rolled out solution to cover nearly 100,000 end-user tools across ten European locations

Client benefit

  1. Bank met compliance objective set by regulators
  2. Led to a reduction in Operational Risk with tools managed and controlled. Knowledge transfer and key person risk significantly reduced
  3. Elimination of 45% of end-user tools across the firm, aiding improved architecture and streamlined business flows


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